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There are multiple benefits to effectively maintaining essential equipment throughout the dental practice. It ensures that technologies are running efficiently and correctly, supporting high standards of patient care while streamlining and simplifying the professional workflow.

Regular servicing of key items also reduces the risk of malfunctions, in turn minimising the chance of disruptions to patient services and avoiding the financial and other costs associated with breakdowns.

That's all true under normal circumstances. Right now, however, we are living through unprecedented times that have made it even more important to optimise efficiency and quality care.

Immediate benefits

Although we are taking tentative steps to head back to normality, there are still a number of measures and consequences of the pandemic in place that will impact the time you have available to dedicate to certain aspects of your practice. Patient demand for appointments is still high, and that's not even to mention the time needed for correct waste management and the enhanced cleaning schedules that have become a necessary part of each day in practice.

The last thing you want to worry about when doing all this and more, is whether essential equipment throughout the practice will continue working effectively. By putting a reliable maintenance plan in place now, you can have peace of mind that at least this area of your business will be taken care of. It means that even the smallest of issues will be solved by a qualified technician, quickly and efficiently, minimising any potential disruption that could be caused to your already stretched daily schedule. Patients will continue to receive the care they need and your team can operate seamlessly, optimising both practice performance and profitability.

Some of these plans include servicing for the equipment they are designed to maintain. These are a good choice as they completely remove the stress of looking after equipment while your time may already be stretched.

Long-term benefits

Of course, the advantages of an all-inclusive maintenance programme for your essential equipment will last way beyond the immediate future. For some time in the future, minimising inefficiencies and optimising finances will be key to restoring business profits and securing the future of your practice. A cost-effective way of protecting against large, unexpected bills for equipment repair or replacement is a paid-monthly maintenance programme. A comprehensive package will help you manage your outgoings more efficiently as you recover from the impact of the pandemic and prepare for any future ramifications.

Another long-term benefit of protecting essential equipment now, is that regular servicing and maintenance will prolong the lifespan of said technology. This not only allows you to avoid buying new capital equipment for your practice in the near future, but it also enables you to maximise the return on investment you have already made into the business. Plus, there are positives in terms of carbon footprint and waste generation when you are able to utilise the same equipment for longer. In addition, connecting with a team of product experts and making use of the technical support available with most protection packages means you always have the support that you need.

Complete cover for your air supply

With 'Air to the Chair' from DentalAir, you can immediately benefit from comprehensive maintenance and breakdown cover for your air supply alongside a number of exceptional benefits.

As easy as logging onto the website and selecting how many chairs you need an air supply for, DentalAir will deliver and install your new air supply as well as provide all relevant air quality tests and certification and a PSSR written scheme for inspection purposes, all for £10 per week per chair.

Simple, stress-free and perfect for professionals who want to concentrate on patient care instead of worrying about their air supply, this option basically transforms your air supply into another utility, giving you everything you need now and in the future with just one simple monthly payment that is tailored to your needs.

For more information, please call 0800 975 7530

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See what our clients love about Dental Air Utilities

"DentalAir have supplied and supported our surgeries compressed air systems for the last twenty years. They keep us fully compliant in all aspects including Air Quality, and supply us with PSSR written schemes, which gives us for peace of mind with CQC inspections. Their customer service has always been exceptional, and should we ever have any questions or need advice, the experts at DentalAir are always there to help without delay."

5 star rating

Dr Ian Capewell

5 star rating
5 star rating

"I’ve only had excellent experiences with the team at DentalAir. Not only are they very co-operative and helpful, but they’re always willing to go the extra mile – I can’t fault them at all!

They’ve made looking after our air compressor so much easier and I’m very happy with the support they give us."

5 star rating

Tanya Sawyer

Station Road Dental Practice

"We originally contacted DentalAir as we were having some problems with our air compressor, and they said they could do a site survey the very next day.

DentalAir was able to install the new compressor without any fuss at 7.30 the next morning, meaning we could open as usual at 9. They even came back the following week to ensure that everything was right with the installation."

5 star rating

Damian Grieves

5 star rating